Credit 101

What can you do with a credit score?

It’s the thing that you have to have. That might be all you know about it. Did you know that even if you pay your bills on time your still could have a lower credit score? That’s right, the numbers 300-850 are based on several things, not just if you have credit or not.

Sure, if you pay it all on time then  you might be better off, and if you are ready to get your reports fixed then you have found the place to go.

Ninja’s that know how to fix, call and contact the creditors that reported your information on one of the three areas in the first place.

Credit Is:


Part of your responsibility

Something that is hard to be repaired

Even though those three points have validity. They are not the end all be all of the issue. First you have to have a professional that can work with your report. Then we (the professionals) will contact the debt collectors.

Then afterwards we will ensure that you have the services that you need in the minute that you need them.

Credit is yours to be had contact Tactical credit repair today. We are ready to give you the free call you deserve.